Monday, January 28, 2013

I`m good when I`m good and when I`m bad I`m better!

“If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, 

you would never think a negative thought.”

Simply a great quote....

Had a good game with the boys last weekend and one of my players had one of his best games ever and of course this weekend that just passed he broke his arm :-)

Its ironic isn`t it, but "only" 3 weeks and then he can start again, so his left arm will do some extra work in practice.

Also had a good game with the girls this passed weekend, with two normal starters out because of sickness this ******* flue! We had a tough game against our rivals and we have only beaten them once before and this time becam the second win after a good first half, they switched to zone defense for the rest of the game and that mad us doubt it a little bit since we havent spent "any" time on zone offense. But when the time run out we stood there as winners with 53-49.

Nice win and the rest of the sunday was a joy and I finished it of with actually a great NBA game ( i know surprised seeing NBA and great in the same sentence from me)

But both Miami and Boston actually played defense and showed real skills this sunday and after 2 Ot`s Boston won to make my sunday even better.

My team is the Lakers, but any team playing Miami is my team also :-)

Have a great week.

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