Saturday, December 1, 2012

Alt+Delete - Restart - Basketball Never Stops

A great journey started about 20 years ago I found the role of coaching basketball, it was and still is my passion in life I live it, breathe it and dream about it is consums most of my time. I have become better during the last years to give it a little rest, but its hard as hell.

You might call me a idiot, but "every" minut of every week I think about how I can do things better as a coach or try to find solution to get that kid to learn a skill.
Its a sickness in its finest form and the cure is to go to practise and try to make the thoughts reality.

I worked for 7 years with basketball fulltime in Sweden and fulltime with basketball in Sweden or in other nordic countries doesn`t mean fulltime on the court and with admin things regarding the teams/players you coach, but most times you need to do a lot o work which has no interest to you or doesn`t really use your skills as a human/coach.
If you wanna work with basketball you just have to accept the terms and if complain you will be quickly reminded how lucky you are to be able to work with basketball and that many want your job.

Luck has nothing to do with it, more naive thoughts of a better tomorrow at least it was for me.
When I took my first fulltime "basketball" job I knew the following:

Pay will not be high, it will be very low
I have to do things or coach something I have no interest in doing or coaching
I have to accept doing a lot of hours in certain periods of the year.
Most of my workhours I could plan myself
I will work with the greatest sport in the world

I was OK with that since the naive me was thinking clubs will try to reach a more pro level in all their aspects of the organization.

My first basketball job ended after........WELL, if I get the possibilty to write a book in the future you can read all about in detail there, but lets keep this for them that need to know basis for now.

The book will be entertaining I can promise you that, you wouldn`t believe all the crazyness that goes around in organizations, but rarely it comes out cause people are afraid of loosing their job or future jobs in basketball.

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