Thursday, May 3, 2012

My pointguard in life.....

Well living in a nordic country is more or less the same cold as a *********** and then suddenly it changes and weather is loevely for some days and then it could change again to depression weather.

We have had great weather for  a couple of days now and that just makes everybody and everything so much happier even if their are problems and headaches it helps. Right now I`m not working since a had shoulder surgery and are now rehabing to get my left arm/shoulder going again. I`m planning and doing some stuff for boys & girls born 98 Pre Season Invitational 14-16 september here in Horsholm.

Looks great just need some more "yes, we will come" and I can calm down a little bit. But problems like that are tiny problems to that I found out that my father is sick with the modern plague of cancer. It seems sometimes like everybody has it or have had it, or got it again. Everything that I worship in basketball and everything around it suddenly becomes less important.

I have always apricated my parents and loosing my mother way to early and now my father with this terrible cancer I just feel helpless.

Helpnesses is the worst feeling ever, I mean I can be there for my father, I can vist him and so on, but I cant help him to get well. For like 18 years  I have been helping others achieving their goals in basketball and with lots of other stuff in their lifes. If they needed to be a better shooter, well I could fix that, if they needed to be faster, I could fix that and so on.

But with my fathers cancer I can`t do anything and that plainly sucks!

We have to make the best of the time he`s got left and how long nobody knows right now.
He`s right feeling as good as he can after finding out about the cancer and that it cant be removed.

I cant do anything but hope that he never has to suffer. He`s my father, my pointguard in life and nobody wants to see a old great player struggle on the court or in life.

This post didn`t have much about basketball, but more about life, but to me life and basketball is the same.

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