Monday, April 30, 2012

It`s been a while

I have really been missing writing about my passion here in My World Of Basketball, but due to shoulder surgery I have had to let it rest for some time, way to long. I haven`t been able to use my left hand for 6 weeks and finally this thursday I was allowed to remove my protection.

Felt like being reborn again :-)

A lot of things have happens since I last wrote something. This season aint over yet, but it has really been a struggle in some ways and also one of the best seasons in other ways. My shoulder have really tested my mental capacity and other family issues has made it very hard to be that same old me. Thanks to skype and great friends I have been able to talk a lot about the different problem and also positive things of course.
They have really been a "shoulder" to cry on and I`m deeply greatful that I have such friends.

Basketball and coaching my two great teams has been like a oasis, where I most of the times could forget a little bit about the pain and other stuff, but also sometimes it really has made me depressed to a certain degree.

To me basketball means a lot and when I cant give my all in practices or in games it haunts me bigtime. Yes, I shouldn`t, but tell that to my brain. I want to give my all to the players I coach, if they give me their all and I cant its hard mentally. But my kids has been most of the times really discplined in practise even though I haven`t been running around in the gym like I usually do.

Both teams teams has still developed in the right direction, so of course I`m happy about that. Now I have about a month before I can go back to my work in a store again and that time will be filled with basketball and shoulder rehab and a lot of walks in the forrest. I have made a promise to myself and that starts tomorrow and hopefully I can tell you guys on a later stage that I kept my promise.

Have a great monday, I will :-)

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