Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kiss, when the devil knocks on the door

Kiss= Keep It Simple Stupid

What devil I`m I talking about, well its the devil that live inside all of us coaches, a devil that wants easy scores, success right now, perfection and exacution like robots. I been coaching kids for 18 years and that devil never leaves, but I have and still hold him in lockup for the last 14 years at least. You might say he`s in deathrow waiting to be exacuted, but the death sentence is never fulfilled.

Patience in development and a understanding why some things work briliant at some ages, maybe not because of your team or that you have the best offense in the world, but simply because of the players age and that they are not ready to solv a staggered screen, flexscreen or other advanced moves in offense at certain ages.

Thats why they work, not because of the exacution, not because its a briliant offense picked by you as a coach, but because of the defensive understanding is not on that level yet because of the age.

KISS and goodnight :-)

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