Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I have my thinking hat on

Well its time for another season as a coach and new season and also one more new team for me means that there are new players, new parents and all that comes with it.

New ass coaches to work with and it reallt takes some planning or else its to easy to go the wrong way or simply focus on the wrong things or the right things at the wrong time. Bad either way, so I have used a couple of hours to get some ink on paper.

I`m satisfied with it and really looking forward to have all my players back from vacations within 2 weeks. Season is planned to 95% only things left is really to decide what tournaments we will participate in during the year and thats the easy part compaired to many other things.

Tonight meeting with the girls teams ass coaches and we will go through some things and plan parents meeting and some other stuff for this season.

First time in many years I work a normla job and train 2 teams and all planning that comes with it. I´m glad I have som many years in my backpack as a coach so I have done these things so many times before and some things I can use again and again until I decide to change it for whatever reason that might be.

Now some food and then meeting
Greatest game in the world B A S K E T B A L L !

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