Sunday, June 5, 2011

Had a strange hot weekend

Well was supposed to work last saturday extra at my work, but that changed into giving the shift away and babysitting my sisters daughter in Sweden.

Hot like hell both in denmark and in sweden and whiel still in sweden this afternoon my phone rang and it was one of players on the phone: "I`m been bored all weekend can you come and train me in the gym?"

F**k second player from the team that has called me and asked this is for me on of the biggest things since I started coaching 18 years ago. "My answer I`m in Sweden, but cant you call someone on the team?"

I found out he did and they where up in a gym playing 3vs3 great stuff.

Tomorrow I will have the final young coaches academy for this season and the young coaches that will attend will have practical exercise with my boys.

15minutes in drilling them and I will give them feedback good and BAD and give them concrete ideas on what to do instead and so on, will be great fun. Just to bad that everyone cant attend, but thats just how it is.

Have started putting together the second Workout I have taped so far, but babysitting messed up my plan to be finished this weekend.
I call it "big"man series, so keep you eyes open.

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