Friday, April 8, 2011

Did you miss me?

Not som many writting comments and the stats on these blogs never tell the truth, so I dont know if anybody missed me, but lets just say like it is been working like a lunatic the last 6 weeks and this week I have gotten a terrible tonsillitis, so sick like a dog is plain and simple what I`m. Allthough a little beter today and that is great since I have som young coaches education tomorrow and the be able to speak to them helps a lot.

I have for the first time in I dont know how many years just seen 1½ games of the march madness games and of the final four games I only have seen the first half of one of them. I haven`t had the time, but some years ago I would have seen them anyway, so you might say I have gotten a little bit wisser with age. Its painful to realize that you aint 20 years old anymore and can sleep little, work much and party hard "all the time" :-)

Actually the club that I coach in now Hørsholm Basketball hade one of their former players in the playoff games and thats pretty unique. He plays in Old Dominion and they played Butler in the first game and lost with 2 points, so could have been even better. I remember the kid from many years back and I remember what I saw and what I saw was possibiltys to become a force. At 2.11cm and moveable you are always wanted in the basketball world.

See his profile here: Anton Larsen

Not many coaches from the nordic countries can say they had a player in  the playoffs of the NCAA, well after this year some can celebrate with a extra brewed danish beer maybe :-)

Back to bed and try to sleep between all the coughing....And all the games missed? Well new madness next year ;-)

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