Saturday, April 30, 2011

Did you have a nice easter?

Well, I did we were in Sweden and the city of Sodertalje playing the "nordic" champioships for youth clubteams. My club had success in the tournament with 2 wins and one bronze medal. Also 2 players became "best player in the nordic chamionships" one Scania King and one Scania Queen, there where also 3 more players that was selected to the all star teams.

My boys finished 8th in the tournament and for me it was actually the first time that I saw what the other countries has to offer. So now I have entered my second season with the boys with so much more knowledge of where we stand on a teamlevel and on the individual basis. So great for me as a coach to play this tournament against the topsteams from Sweden, Denmark and Finland that was represented in agegroup 98 this year.

But for the boys this is even more important and the knowledge they get from this games makes my preaching and job so so much easier since they see for themself that "hey this crazy coach we got is telling the truth".

I think one of the most important things as a youth coach is to make the team understand where they stand skillswise and as a team. The easiest way to do that is always to play againt really god teams, then there is no excuses or explanations to make the lacks go away. You have it on the scoreboard, videorecorder, stats and on the internet, there is no hiding.

So I`m so happy that my boys gets this games in this early age, they now know whats has to be done. Question is will they?

In september I will arrange a tournament here in Horsholm to get the season going with some quality games and hopefully we will continue to develop and get invited to the Nordics next year. But between september and april I need as a coach look somehting up since our game here at home will be very few that will give us what we want developmentwise.

We will see what happens and by the way I was satisfied where we at right know on a individual level and on a teamlevel. This season (started next season 3 days ago) we will add more bricks to build the foundation and strengthen what already is built.

Without a god foundation the "house" will eventually fall down no matter how much you repair it, so there is nos stress in what we need to learn and use in games, but there is stress to get a practisementally basketballwise and physically.

I love this game!

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