Monday, March 7, 2011

YCA`s first clinic a success in many ways

As some of you know I`m running a project here in Hørsholm Basketball that I call Young Coaches Academy and the main purposes of this is too educate new, young coaches and make it a little bit easier in becoming a coach.
That is done with different actions like, miniclinics theoretical and on the floor, leadership education, talks with leaguecoaches about coaching and so much more.

One thing is also that YCA aims to arrange two clinics each season and the first one was held on the second of march 2011.
I had four coaches doing clinics, 3 of them had 30 minute clincs and one of them had 1 hour clinic.
I have uploaded the clinic to youtube and the quality is what it is, but clinics you are suppose to see live, so see you next time. Next clinic will be in september of 2011 and will be teamoriented, while this clinic in the spring always will be on foundamentals, individual focus.

Here are the clinics:
Here is the first clinic of the evening and its Coach Igor Gavrilovic that talks and shows drills, technic in passing.

Second clinic with Coach Michael Boje-Formann about running technic, footwork, explosivness and more

The third clinic which is one hour by Coach Jan Mikulowski about outside/insidemoves from the perspective, what does the defense give you?
(clinic is divided into 5 parts because of problems with camera)

The last clinic of the evening was by Coach Johan Enbom, who had about functional strength training.

Next clinic will be in September and will have subjects that is teamoriented.
Hope that more take the opertunity too learn in September, YCA is here to stay

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