Wednesday, July 31, 2013

No rest for an old basketball junkie

Summer 2013 and I have 5 days left of this summer vacation. Only used 3 weeks and will have 1 week in september. I have had almost 2 weeks without basketball and almost is the keyword since I organize a tournament for boys and girls born 1998 13th to 15th of september I have to put in a lot of hours regardless vacation or not.

Thats also why I have vacation the week before the tournament, so I dont kill myself in process with 32 hours of normal work and tournament organizing on top of that. Tried that the first year but only eight teams then and it was zombielevel 1000 my body and brain went to.
Boys tournament
Girls tournament

So older but also smarter :-)

Almost everything in place that has to be in place at the moment. Missing one girlsteam and one boysteam when I write this and hopefully thats soon in check. That would be a blessing from above from the basketball goods.

Made this video I just love to find "new" stuff to use for different purposes in basketball.

Big O speaks about Pre Season Invitational 2013

Basketball+ passion= LIFE

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