Saturday, December 17, 2011

Great christmas present

My boys team (born 1998) gave me a great early christmas present in beating another topteam to advance to national cup final, which will be played in January. Of course its great with a final, but even greater was how we played the game even though we had a hard time scoring in the first half we continued playing like we want to do and the times, when we didn`t play like we wanted was very rare in the game.

And in the third quarter we played propably some of the best basketball we have played and still we missed some easy chances, but defence like animals and offence like Kasparov we took contro of the game.
Some nervouses in the final quarter, but we held on and won by 12points.

It was also so huge for us since we lost the last two games against that team before this game.

The energy in the gym was amazing, many realatives from both teams where there to support the two teams. Some parents had signal horns and more to make a super atmosphere in the gym that night like it always should be :-)

The day after I get an email from the ot headcoach from the other team in where he congratulates us and celebrates one player whom totally took over the game in the third quarter. The coaches from Værløse are both great guys and very humble in winning and defeat. Coaches like that should be rewarded much more than they are on todays clubs. If you dont scream for it, demand it, make trouble in most clubs you will be overseen and dont get the recognition they deserve.

This weekend I have many of my players of the girls and boys team on nationa team practises, which this year are open practises for agegroup 1998. That means that anyone who wanna try practising for a nationteam spot can, next season players will be cut down to the cream of the crop. I think its great some players that think they are good get a big surprize at these open practises when kids from allover the country come and some finally realize that they are among the best, so its a win win situation as I see it.

Heard a strange thing.....players are not allowed to where clothes/shirts with clublogo?

That I can understand at all......very strange, the clubs develop the players, pay for the players education and should be allowed to show their work with the players wearing their logo`s. Solution is otherwise to give the players nationteam clothes, so they will wear that instead.
I think they did/do a smart solution in Sweden with this. The players where their gameclothes to all the practises, some home jerseys and some awayjerseys and shorts. Its a nice view and for coaches watching so much easier to see who is who and from where and so on.Also very practicall when the play 2-2,3-3,4-4.5-5.

When they get nationalteam clothes of course they should where that, but until then......hmmm :-)

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