Sunday, May 22, 2011

One season has ended and another has begun

Well, summer is getting closer and closer here in Denmark and like the preacher I`m my players get to hear about summerpractice as much as possible. I have succeded in motivating them to practice extra during the season and in a few months I will know if I have done my job in motivating them to train like a possessed bballer this summer.

I have started to record more stuff in the practices for myself, my players and for everybody else that loves this beautiful game. Maybe it can help somebody, inspirere somebody how to do or not to do it, no matter what its there for all that have love for the game.

I have put up to short videos so far and here they are:
They haven`t been edited so you see good things and bad things and I added music so you dont have to listen to my voice screamning No, YES, athletic position and so on hehe :-)

I have a quest this summer and that is to record many, many drills and workouts with players and put them on the net. If I can fullfill my quest, well we will see in time.
Until then you have 2 videos here atleast.

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